8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

With the arrival of spring, comes the perfect weather for an outdoor adventure. Camping, hiking, fishing, bird watching––these activities all feature the great outdoors.
However, one of the trickiest aspects of an outdoor trip is figuring out what to eat. Because when it comes to camping snacks, taste is just as important as health and energy. What are the best healthy non-refrigerated snacks? What about healthy snacks for road trips? What kind of snacks should parents’ pack for their kids? These days, the marketplace is saturated with products. Yet, many of these products are also filled with preservatives and additives. This makes choosing good products a confusing endeavor.  

But healthy and delicious camping snacks don't need to be difficult. With a little help and research, anyone can make and buy great on-the-go snacks and mini-meals for any outdoor trip. 

1. Jerky

8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

    Jerky is one of the best on-the-go snacks for both camping and road trips. It’s low in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates along with being an excellent source of protein. As a bonus, jerky is also lightweight and therefore great to throw into a backpack for a hike. 

    But jerky isn’t only beef. At Tony Roma’s, the legendary BBQ company has created a line of BBQ Jerky Bites with dynamic flavors like Carolina Honey BBQ Pork, Buffalo BBQ Chicken and Golden Serrano BBQ Turkey. What separates Tony Roma Jerky Bites from other jerky products is its unique barbecued flavor. Each piece of BBQ Jerk Bites is first coated with Tony Roma’s famous BBQ sauce before its flame-grilled, giving it a smoky charbroiled fragrance. The bites are also wrapped individually, ensuing peak freshness. 

    BBQ Jerky Bites are also healthy, containing 7 grams of protein per serving, no MSG, preservatives, or nitrates. It’s also gluten-free and made from premium, whole-muscle, USDA-certified, US-grown hormone-free meat. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to eat clean animal protein. 

    2. Nuts

    8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

    Packed with healthy fats and calories, nuts are a great shelf-stable and easy camping snack for individuals or families. It’s also incredibly diverse in flavor and preparation, ranging from walnuts to Brazil nuts and almonds. The natural fat and calories in nuts is excellent for replenishing energy after strenuous outdoor activities. For the healthiest choice, choose raw nuts. But if you prefer roasted and flavored nuts, try to avoid products that feature unnecessary preservatives and additives. 

    3. Dried Fruit

    8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

    Dried fruit such as apricots, raisins and cranberries are all fantastic snacks for camping. Besides containing beneficial fiber, vitamins and carbs, the fruit sugar in dried fruit has an added side bonus of being a natural dessert. They’re a stellar snack option for family road trips, where parents are always looking to satisfy the sweet craving of kids without sacrificing health.

    4. Granola Mix

    8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

      A wonderful textural combination, most granola mixes will contain a varied blend of nuts and dried fruit. Although pre-made granola mix is available at most grocery stores, homemade granola mix is quite easy to make. Simply mix any combination of nuts, cereal grains, dried fruit and even dark chocolate to taste for something truly delicious and creative. The best part of homemade granola mix is its endless possibilities. It’s also a stellar idea for family road trips, as kids can pick and choose their own blend as a fun activity. 

      5. Healthy Chips 

      8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

      Chips have a bad reputation health wise, but this only applies to mainstream potato and tortilla chips filled with sodium and preservatives. Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy options that can still satisfy that savory crunch. For a crunchy and healthy alternative, try kale or coconut chips. These chips are now available in many grocery stores and come in a variety of tasty flavors. They’re also lightweight, which is an important factor to any hike or camping trip.  

      6. Roasted Seaweed

      8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

        A beloved snack in Japan and Korea, these crispy, salty squares of seaweed are packed with umami flavor. Traditionally, these roasted and dried seaweed pieces are seasoned with salt or sesame oil (the Korean variety). Nowadays, different flavors like wasabi powder or teriyaki are also available. These seaweed squares are great on their own but also delicious as wraps for veggies or rice cooked at the campsite. 

         7. Carrots

        8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

          Not every camping or road trip snack needs to be dried or packaged––vegetables like carrots are also an excellent option. Carrots can last quite long stored away from direct heat and even longer in a cooler with ice packs. As a root vegetable, they’re sturdier than leafy greens and packed with vitamins and fiber. Small packs of baby carrots are available at most grocery stores and perfect for snacking. 

          Carrots can also be cooked at the campsite for a more substantial meal. Feel free to either roast your carrots in a pan on the campfire, boil them in a pot or add them to soup.  

          8. Apples

          8 Best Healthy Camping Snacks: On-the-Go Snacks & Mini Meals

          Apples are one of the best fresh fruits to bring on a camping or road trip because the fruit stores very well without refrigeration. Apples are very hardy fruits and will not damage easily when carried in a backpack on a hike. The juicy freshness of an apple is also greatly appreciated after prolonged eating of dried and packaged foods. Besides the fresh fruit, packages of applesauce or dried apples are also great. 

          Apples can also be cooked. For a more elaborate meal at the campsite, wrap pieces of apples, onion, pork and Tony Roma’s BBQ sauces in aluminum foil and cook over a campfire for a satisfying dinner. The sweet and spicy flavor of Tony Roma’s BBQ sauce is a perfect complement to pork.  

          Keep in mind, this list is only the start––there are countless kinds of healthy and delicious camping snacks to buy and make. The key is finding a combination that works for your diet and style of trip. And remember, protein is very important, so be sure to pack plenty of items like jerky and nuts for that vital energy boost. 

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