9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet

For those on a low-carb diet, finding the right snacks can be a challenge. Common snacks like pretzels and muffins are packed with carbs and unsuitable for anyone on a low-carb diet. Compounding the difficulty is the fact that carbs are a great source of energy. How do you replace that energy in a healthy diet? What foods are low in carbs but also high in energy? And what snacks are rich in protein and healthy fats?

Don’t be intimidated by these challenges — there are plenty of high energy, low-carb snacks available in the marketplace. To start, here are nine snacks that’s a fantastic fit for any low-carb diet. 


Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

These creamy fruits are a health superfood and one of the best low-carb snacks to buy. Packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, 77% of an avocado’s calories are from fat. Avocados are also packed with fiber, vitamin K, B5, B6 and potassium. 

The fatty richness of avocado makes it a perfect low-carb snack. On its own, avocados are delicious with grilled meat or seafood. As a dip, avocados can be turned into a flavorful guacamole or salsa and served with low-carb chips or vegetables. The fruit can also be blended into smoothies, adding a natural creaminess to any beverage.

Kale Chips

Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

Seeking the satisfying crunch of chips on a low-carb diet? Look no further than kale chips. These healthy chip alternatives are packed with nutrients, fiber and low in carbs. Like standard potato chips, kale chips also come in a variety of flavors, ranging from spicy to savory. If buying commercial, be careful to read the ingredient list as some brands will be better than others. If making homemade, simply adjust sodium and seasoning to personal tastes. Kale chips can be made in any conventional oven.


Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

Nuts are an excellent low-carb snack that’s packed with energy rich fat. There’s a reason nuts are popular hiking and camping foods — a small handful goes a long way. Nuts like almonds are brimming with healthy monounsaturated fat along with omega-3 fatty acids, all excellent for heart health. To eat, toss nuts in a salad or crush and mix with spices for a crust on chicken or fish.

Almond Butter

Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

Almond butter is a great addition to any low-carb snack list because it’s ready to eat. Although some peanut butter can be a suitable low-carb choice, almond butter is a better overall choice. Like whole almonds, almond butter contains plenty of vitamins and healthy fats. Use almond butter in place of peanut butter, spreading it on veggies for a hearty, low-carb treat. It can also be used in smoothies.


Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

Eggs are the perfect package of low-carbs and high protein. A large egg contains around 0.7 grams of carbs, 12 g protein and 9g fat (Keto Diet App). They’re also easy to cook and affordable. For a low-carb diet, scramble or fry them in butter and serve with a side of avocado for an extra dose of healthy fat and energy. As a snack, hard boil several eggs and place in the fridge for easy snacking.

Chicken Jerky 

Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

For a low-carb diet, there’s few things better than healthy meat snacks. For example, chicken jerky is a great choice. Since chicken is such a flexible protein, chicken jerky can come in a variety of tasty flavors ranging from spicy to smoky. For instance, take Tony Roma’s Buffalo Chicken Jerky Bites, a high protein jerky that is also high on flavor. Each piece of Tony Roma’s chicken jerky has been flame-grilled, giving these bites a matchless flavor.

Pork Jerky

Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

In general, animal protein is a great low-carb snack. Pork can be made into an excellent low-carb jerky, packing both protein and flavor into every bite. The naturally mild flavor of pork is a great medium for spices and seasonings. An awesome pork jerky is Tony Roma’s BBQ Pork Bites, which comes in Original BBQ or Carolina Honey. Not only are these jerky bites packed with energy rich protein, they’re also bursting with Tony Roma’s infamous barbecue flavor.

Pork Rinds

Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

Not all healthy meat snacks are made from actual meat. Made from pork skin and fat, pork rinds are a great low-carb snack that packs a satisfying and savory crunch guaranteed to satisfy. Pork rinds can also be used in cooking. Use pork rinds instead tortillas chips for low-carb nachos or crush them as a crust for low-carb fried chicken.

Dark Chocolate

Blog Title: 9 Snacks to Stay Energized on a Low-Carb Diet by Tony Roma's

Some individuals new to low-carb diets are understandably worried about the state of their sweet tooth. After all, many desserts and sweets are packed with carbs. This concern is unwarranted as people can enjoy many types of rich sweets on a low-carb diet. Dark chocolate consumed in moderation is a fantastic option. Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate has less sugar but a more complex flavor, alive with notes of espresso and citrus.

What Proteins Should Be Avoided?

Although proteins are emphasized in low-carb diets, not all proteins are low-carb friendly. Legumes are a good source of plant-based protein but can also be high in carbs. When adhering to a low-carb diet, many of these legumes should be consumed in moderation. Beans like lentils or peanuts can be eaten in small amounts but legumes like adzuki beans or soybeans should generally be avoided. Soybeans can also be included in many naturally low-carb snacks like jerky. So be careful and read the nutritional label and ingredient list closely when selecting low-carb snacks.

However, when all else fails, low-carb jerky is always a great option. As a meat specialist, Tony Roma’s jerky is second to none. All the meat used in Tony Roma’s Jerky are hormone-free, responsibly sourced and contains no MSG, preservatives, or nitrates. Each piece is also coated in barbecue sauce, grilled and individually wrapped for a unique high protein treat. For jerky that tastes like meat fresh off the grill, reheat the pieces in a microwave for a fun eating experience. 


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